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Amazon Quiz Answers Today 21st July 2021 and Win ₹25,000 Pay Balance

Amazon fz Quiz Answers
Amazon Fz Quiz Answers Today

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 21st July:-

Q1: What is the indigenously built Sajag, that was recently commissioned into the Indian Coast Guard?

Ans: Patrol Vessel

Q2: Which country's most volatile volcano is Mount Merapi?

Ans: Indonesia

Q3: Abdulla Shahid is the first President-elect of the General Assembly from which country in the history of the UN?

Ans: Maldives

Q4: What type of construction method does this building showcase?

Ans: Masonry

Q5: What type of weapon was famously used by these soldiers?

Ans: Katana

Today's Amazon Quiz Daily Spin & Win :

Q: How many sides does a square have?

Ans: 4

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Amazon Quiz Answers Today 20th July:-

Q1: What name is given to the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Indian biopharmacutical firm Biological E.Limited?

Ans: Corbevax

Q2: Recently discovered A. cooperensis is the largest dinosaur from which country?

Ans: Australia

Q3: Which organisation publishes the annual Protected Planet Report?


Q4: Which country is home to more than 90% of the world's approximately 20,000 population of these animals?

Ans: South Africa

Q5: Which of these Indian Sportspeople is currently ranked No.1 in the world in this sport?

Ans: Deepika Kumari

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 19th July:-

Q1: Which Indian won the BBC India Sportswoman of the Year award for 2020?

Ans: Koneru Humpy

Q2: As of March 2021, Tirath Singh Rawat is serving as the chief minister of which state?

Ans: Uttarakhand

Q3: In march 2021, which company successfully tested a blockchain transaction in space using Danish space firm Gomspace's satellites?

Ans: JP Morgan

Q4: In which country will you see the most number of people riding this particular vehicle? (measured per capita)

Ans: Netherlands

Q5: Botanically what kind of fruit is this?

Ans: Berry

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 18th July:-

Q1: 'The Green Queen of India- Nation's Pride', is a book compilation of the extraordinary works done by which group of women?

Ans: Forest Officers

Q2: NISAR is a joint Earth-observing mission between ISRO and which other space agency?


Q3: In a First, astronomers have recently detected a 'Space hurricane' in Earth's upper atmosphere in which region?

Ans: North Pole

Q4: In which place will you have to go normally to experience this service?

Ans: Spa

Q5: What do you call this particular yoga pose?

Ans: Chakrasana

Amazon Quiz Answers 17th July:-

Q1: Proficient in guerrilla tactics, the COBRA or Commando Battalion for Resolute Action is a special operation unit of which force?


Q2: The Maitri Setu, also called The Gateway of Northeast, is built over the Feni River to link which state with Bangladesh?

Ans: Tripura

Q3: "CROSSROAD" which recently sold for $6.6 million, is the most expensive digital art of what kind?

Ans: Crypto Art

Q4: Which one of these is not a component of this activity?

Ans: Palette

Q5: Which of these actors played this character in a movie that also starred Nicole Kidman?

Ans: Val Kilmer

Amazon Quiz Winners List

10th July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner :
  • Anil Kumar B
  • Raghavendra Bhat
  • Chandan

9th July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner :
  • Yudvir
  • Farhan
  • Amit
  • Vishnu CJ
  • Anju Mehra
  • Sunil Kumar Jana
  • Mansi
  • Nikil Noyal
  • Kavuluri Nirmala Manohari
  • Zuveriya Shaikh

8th July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner : ISHAN

7th July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner : Maurya Ji

6th July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner :
  • Omkar Kotwadekar
  • Prem Kumar
5th July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner :
  • Aakash
  • Manjula H

4th July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner :
  • Giridhari Karmakar
  • Kunal Patel
  • Juned
  • Sanjoy Hazra

3rd July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner : 
  • Yogesh Thakare
  • Chandra kant das
  • Krishnan kumar kaswan

2nd July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner : Saikat Das

1st July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner : Anuj

30th June 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner : Renita , Bhavika Sachin Sumara

29th June 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner : Wachisht Gore , Suvrajit Deb

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