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Amazon Pictionary Quiz Answers & Win Exciting Prizes

 Amazon Pictionary Quiz and Win Exciting Prizes

Amazon Pictionary Quiz Answers
Amazon Pictionary Quiz Answers

Q1: Guess This famous Entrepreneur

Ans: Bill Gates

Q2: Guess this famous Singer

Ans: K.S. Chitra

Q3: Guess this Indian Scientist

Ans: Satyendra Nath Bose

Q4: Guess this American Actor, who is popular for his role in the Movie Jumanji(1995)

Ans: Robin Williams

Q5: Guess this American Actress and Talk show Host.

Ans: Oprah Winfrey

Amazon Pictionary Quiz Details:

Quiz Prize : Exciting Prizes

No.of Winners : 5

contest Period : 2nd July 2021 To 2nd August 2021

Winner Announcement : 30th August 2021

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